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Corporate Financial Planning

Where we can assist or supplement your CFO

Key performance indicators, profit targets and periodic financial monitoring

If you want to grow your business or improve your profitability, you need to look at some other indicators than your bank account balance! You need to know where you stand, how you have performed and plan for the future. We can help you have a better understanding of your current financial situation, prepare a plan and set periodic indicators to enable you to measure how you performed in managing your business objectives.

Assistance on pricing models

The more product lines and services you sell, the more in-depth analysis you need, both in terms of costing and pricing. We can help you gather the direct and indirect costs of your different product offerings and help set the proper pricing to be competitive and to meet your profit objectives.

Cash flow projections and covenants tracking

Whether cash flow projections are needed for financing purposes or for the sake of planning the business roadmap, this tool is an important performance measure to put in place and track on a regular basis. We can help you implement a forecast and tracking system to make sure that management follows closely the variables that are important for the stakeholders of your company.

Analysis of capital asset projects financing

When long-term financing is required to support the cost of capital expenditures, the financing parties might require an analysis of the incremental net income and cash flows that will be generated by these new assets. Let us help you put together your business case to increase your chance of securing the proper financing at a reasonable cost.

Analysis of return on expense projects

Even some non-capital projects can benefit from an ROI analysis, whether it is to add a new business line or create a new department. If your business is experiencing or looking for growth, you need to pay close attention to the returns of any new significant initiative you take for your business (whether adding or shutting down a product line or a division).

Assistance in purchasing a business

If your goal is to grow by acquisition, or if there is a merger opportunity that you feel that you should not miss, you need to do the proper due diligence to ensure the transaction will be beneficial for you, and at a reasonable price. Our due diligence expertise can help you ask the right questions, assist you in the negotiation process and identify the opportunities as well as the risks.

Assistance in selling the business

There are often many emotions involved when it is the time for a business-owner to sell his or her business. We are not psychologists, but are empathetic to our clients’ emotional readiness, and our role is to help you prepare to have your business ready for sale at the best value possible and the lowest tax cost. When you have worked so hard to build and develop a business, it would be a shame for you to leave money on the table because you didn’t plan the sale of your business ahead of time, whether by increasing profitability or by doing the proper tax reorganization long enough in advance.

Review of the efficiency of the accounting function

Whether your business has grown organically or by way of a merger or acquisition, there are some points at which your administrative functions, including your accounting department, should be reviewed to ensure that the proper processes and systems are put in place to ensure efficiency. We can help you review your processes and ensure that the right people are responsible for the right tasks.

Internal controls assessment and design

You definitely don’t want to give your employees the opportunity to steal money from you… And if you are to plan your business decisions based on your current financial statements, the underlying data must be error-free. This is why a proper internal control system is important to prevent error and fraud, not only in your accounting department, but throughout your business cycles as well. Fraud and error do not only happen to other businesses… We can assess and give you feedback about the appropriateness of your internal controls.

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