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Tax Planning

Because we all need a plan…

Remuneration Plan

Depending on their specific circumstances, business-owners need to periodically review how they should be remunerated by their corporations. There is no such thing as “one solution fits all business-owners” or a fixed quantitative limit in earnings to prefer dividends over salaries, for instance. Our approach takes both the personal and corporate sets of factors to arrive at an optimal plan.

Corporate Structure Analysis and Optimization

Depending upon the stage your business is in, your corporate structure might benefit from some tweaking by adding a holding company and an inter vivos trust, or by winding them up. This is where our analysis and tax expertise will help you make the right decisions at the right time for asset protection, income splitting and tax deferral strategies.

Audit Proofing – are you ready for your next Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Québec audit?

Over the years, we have seen what the tax authorities are looking for when they perform corporate tax, sales tax or payroll tax audits on a corporation’s books. The audit proofing program that we offer to our clients helps them making sure that they identify and fix their potential tax compliance issues before the tax departments take their lives’ savings.

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